Well, we spent last week not only trying to keep a deal together on a short sale but also actually getting dirty and sweaty moving a sellers belongings out of her house and into her storage units. Sometimes I think I am losing my mind! It’s one thing to go above and beyond the job description but to not even be appreciated for doing it, never mind compensated, but then also have the deal fall apart because the buyer just decides to walk away for no reasonable reason, she has obviously changed her mind and found another house she must like better, is just crazy! Of course the good thing is that the buyer is now out and settled into her new place and would not have been so if we did not move her and thank god for a father and son team that helped us, without them we would have never made our deadline! There are such good people around us and then there are the ones who are either crazy or just have no regard for anyone but themselves and we can only decide which one we want to be known as and run with it. In the end you might still be talked about and someone else may look at the situation a different way than you see it, but inside you know who you are and why you did what you did and if you are true to yourself and have compassion for others you wont have anything to worry about. I would rather do what I feel is right in my heart than do nothing. I just really dont like working for free!

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