Foreclosure Crisis

Unfortunately is isn’t over. There are still lots of home owners that will be having an adjustable rate mortgage adjust up. I have spoken to home owners who have been in there homes for years and because of a job loss, or an illness they can no longer afford to pay all of their credit debt, buy gas and food, medicine and pay for the roof over their head. It’s sad to see someone who has lived in their home for 15-20 years now have to pack it up & try to find an affordable place to live. You read it every day in the papers and hear it on the news. Some will say that “they” should have read the fine print, “they” should have realized what they were getting in to, etc., etc. But allot of these home owners were never told the truth about the adjustment on their rate. Some were told one thing and then as they are sitting at the closing table with all their belongings in the moving truck, the mortgage papers they are signing have a totally different term for them than what was originally given. They feel like I will lose my deposit, I have no place to sleep, etc., etc., if I don’t sign these papers. I am not saying that some of these home owners didn’t know what the future held for them with the payment adjustments, I am just saying that I am sure no one went out of their way to stress what the terms would be in a year, 2 or 3 from today. And with everything else that has been going on with the gas, food and heating going up by the second, I don’t think any of us were prepared for this either! I just hope anyone who is in a situation that they are finding is getting to be too much, that they start making phone calls to the bank, to the credit card companies and to the other professional that might be able to help them figure out a way to reduce some of the monthly payments or to help them find a new place to live and get out from under the situation now rather than later. We should all be trying to live a happy, healthy life.